Hi! I’m Stella - a designer & PM based in Madrid

I’m a Filipina designer with 4+ years of experience in building brands, teams, and products. My work has crossed through a multitude of industries¹, timezones² and problem statements³, which tend lie in early-stage or pre/post-seed environments. 

I love conceptualizing POCs, building team processes and cultures, and collaborating with people from different backgrounds.

¹ advertisting, e-comm, retail (supply chain), HR/PeopleOps, and most recently in health
² clients based in the Philippines, Spain, London, Singapore & US
³ B2B SaaS, Private/Internal SaaS, corporate branding, landing pages, mobile apps, pilots, product ownership, product strategy, design leadership or “I have an idea where do we begin?”

Fun stuff

Beyond the 9-5 and in-between the NDAs

Takbo.io︎︎︎ • 8 min read

Takbo (Meaning “run” in Tagalog) is a web-game we created for the 2022 PH Elections. We built and launched it in 2 weeks and reached 40k unique players

On Studio Cultures︎︎︎ • 6 min read

In 2020, I studied the challenges faced by architecture and design schools during the pandemic. I later published my findings on studio pedagogy

Diversity Shelf︎︎︎ • [WIP]

I’ve been a Goodreads user for almost 10 years. A few friends and I thought it would be cool if we could get better recommendations by diversifying our shelves

USU︎︎︎ • [WIP]

In 2020, Nora and I reflected on the lack of awareness towards design thinking in the creative process. We designed a card game!

Handheld︎︎︎ • [WIP]

In 2018, Nicola and I thought it would be great to be easily connected to volunteering opportunities we cared about

Misc. Design & Freelance Work︎︎︎

A bunch of miscellaneous work ranging from all sorts of design (from graphics to end-to-end services) that I’ve done in the last 5+ years 

Work stuff
Proof that I can write a corporate email

Kinhub - Product & Design Lead
While scaling our engineering team from 0 to 5, we shipped Kinhub’s first ever BETA Demo Build, and eventually its B2C Product, Consultant Portal and Internal Superadmin Dashboard in about 6 months. I collaborated closely with engineering, marketing, sales, data and leadership to deliver sprint targets and user stories that make up the foundations of the core Kinhub product ecosystem. As a PM, I ran sprint ceremonies such as planning sessions, daily stand-ups, refinements, restrospectives, and product reviews. 

As the lead designer, I collaborated closely with our lead engineers to build UX flows and edge cases. I created our high-fidelity wireframes to pair with our user stories and speculative concepts for board meetings, newsletters, and investor decks. Additionally, I helped the team establish internal backend processes for content aggregation, user research, and consultant onboarding.

Sarisuki (PH) - Product Consultant
I was previously a Product Owner for Platform and Operations Tech, where we kickstarted an internal project of building an in-house fulfillment system that enables all-day warehouse operations, decreases overhead and massively reduces our tech burn rate. I turned over this project as we completed our first MVP. We also scoped tech solutions and built design concepts for their business units including B2B Sales, Online Marketplaces (Shopee and Lazada) and agri-tech.

Currently, I support the team (remotely) with projects on business process enhancements, product design for our community seller app and supporting with agri-tech concepts.