Other projects

[Work In progress] 

Green Campus
Working part-time at the Planning & Design department of my university, we built “Green Campus”, a variety of initiatives for the campus‘ sustainability goals. Our largest project was redesigning our entire university’s wastebin labelling system.
Atelier Mich Araullo
Mich Araullo is a Philippine-based fashion designer whose unique pieces range from custom tailoring and RTW of casual, formal, bridal and resort wear. I worked with Nana to design the brand’s visual identity and build its e-commerce platform. The result is an entire brand narrative and story that embodies the ultimate “Tita of Manila” culture, using texture, illustrations and vibrantly elegant colors to demonstrate a maximalist affnity for decor and travel. (Yes we made each of those stamps!!!)

My instagram alter ego where I post photos from my travels and create visual book reviews with lots of gradients and some favorite quotes :)

State of UX in the Philippines
In 2020, I joined UXPH to learn more about the local design industry 🕵🏻‍♀️ Apart from helping out as a researcher and writer for “State of UX in the Philippines”, Reine and I led creative direction for the report. Our goal was to come up with a brand identity that was friendly and approachable for first time industry learners.

Artdrop is an online shop for limited edition vinyl prints with a network of over 40 Philippine-based arists. I worked on their brand building and visual identity. Our challenge was to give Artdrop a minimal yet approachable edge, and to stray away from the snobbish discussion of art appreciation. 

Humble Sustainability
Humble is currently one of the Philippines’ largest and most innovative circular economy sustainability startups. As their first ever contractual hire in 2019, we turned their concept into a brand backed with a $750k oversubscribed pre-seed fund in 2022. We worked on a brand and design refresh again in 2022. 

Other Freelance Work (WIP)
Design snippets from some awesome opportunities (mostly Shopify, mostly E-comm) between 2020-2023 that allowed me to explore my approach to product design, project management, and building relationships with clients.